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Video Streaming with Adaptive Bitrate with Scott Wachtmann & Jen Brissman

Next Steps with Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

This short video covers how to continue growing with Cloudinary.

Links: https://cloudinary.com/users/register/free https://cloudinary.com/documentation

Transcript: On behalf of everybody here at Cloudinary and Netlify, thank you for taking the time to learn more about adaptive bitrate streaming with us. If you're interested in going further, you can sign up for a free account at cloudinary.com. You'll be able to clone this repository and run examples. There are also great resources available at training.cloudinary.com where you'll find things like self-paced, deep-dive learning paths, as well as free instructor-led virtual trainings on both Cloudinary's DAM, as well as our other product offerings.

You can also check out the resources available at cloudinary.com/documentation if you need any additional support. Thanks again, and we hope you had fun! :)


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