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Get Started with Nuxt with Debbie O'Brien

Nuxt Next Steps

We have come to the end of our mission. Our app has launched and mission control is extremely happy with all your efforts. You're now on your own. But don't worry. The planet might be a big and scary place but you are not alone. You can find various members of the Nuxt team and maintainers on twitter.

And Make sure you check out our discord channel, the link is in the footer of the nuxtjs.org website. Here you will meet other Nuxters on various different missions who will be more than happy to chat to you and help you out if you run into problems.

Make sure you read through the docs to learn more about plugins, modules and middleware etc that we didn't cover in this course. You will also find some examples that you can play around with to help you easily get started and better understand how things work.

And of course don't forget to sign up for our monthly nuxtletter which contains various articles from other Nuxters from around the world and showcases of other successful missions.

So yes we have come to the end of our mission but remember you are not alone. You have done an incredible job so now go out and find your own mission and don't forget to share it with us and maybe one day it will be published in the Nuxtletter.

THIS MISSION HAS ENDED but a new one is ready to begin!


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