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Get Started with Nuxt with Debbie O'Brien

Nuxt Introduction

Hi there and welcome to the Nuxt Mission. Our mission is to build an application showcasing various planets from our solar system using Nuxt and then deploy it to Netlify for all the world to see.

So what is Nuxt?

Nuxt is the progressive Vue framework. It's a meta framework therefore it still uses Vue but with extra super powers to give you a more performant application and better developer experience. It is like Next.js but for Vue.js.

Nuxt is built by the Chopin brothers and the first commit was made in October 2016. Although Nuxt is still open source it also has the NuxtJS company behind it as well as the maintainers and contributors and ambassadors that help us Nuxtify the world.

The core mission at Nuxt is to provide front-end developers with an open source framework to build fast and high performing websites and applications based on Vue.js with as little friction as possible.

We love to create websites with Vue, but configuring everything over and over again is time-consuming. Nuxt provides a simple and intuitive developer experience to prototype blazing fast modern web applications. The goal is to decrease the number of decisions the programmer has to make and eliminate the complexity of having to configure everything. The immediate result is that you can create a lot more things in less time.

So what are the benefits of Nuxt:

File-Based Routing

That means you don't have to create or maintain a router.js file in order to get routing. All you have to do is put a .vue file in the pages folder.

Automatic Code splitting

Nuxt automatically splits your application into JavaScript bundles using webpack so that only the JavaScript needed for that page will be loaded which improves performance.


Nuxt will automatically prefetch the pages that the user might want next so they are ready once the user clicks on the link

Auto Import of components

No import statements or defining your components in the component property. Nuxt will crawl your template tag and auto import your components for you.

SSR to SSG with a single command

With Nuxt you don't have to define your architecture before you build your application. That means you can start out building a Server Side Rendered application and with one small change in the nuxt config your application is ready for Static Site Generation.

Pre rendering or Client Side

You can easily choose if you want your application to be pre-rendered on the server or to only work with client-side rendering just by making one small change in the nuxt config.

More than 150 modules

Nuxt has more than 150 modules so you can easily add UI libraries like Tailwind or Vuetify, add typescript or a progressive web app or google analytics and so many more.

Nuxt is customizable

With Nuxt you can create your own modules and use them within your projects or even share them with the Nuxt community.

Are you ready to get started? In the Nuxt lesson, we will start our mission by creating our application using create nuxt app. Hope you're ready.


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