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Exploring Netlify Redirects with Phil Hawksworth

Where next after redirects?

Okay, you did it! That's the Netlify redirects exploration mission. You've now had a guided tour around how to create and configure redirects that happen on Netlify is edge network right out at the edge of the CDN.

You've seen how you can use both the netlify.toml and also the underscore redirects files to configure these redirects, which means that you've got the ability to generate redirects or configure redirects in lots of different ways as part of your projects.

A good place to go on from here would be to take a look at the docs for redirects and also an onward journey from here would be to look at the control you can have over custom headers on Netlify as well, which follows a similar path and some similar configurations.

I hope that was useful, look out for other missions around Jamstack Explorers!


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