Jamstack Explorers

Building a Lyric Blog with Nuxt.js and Strapi with Daniel Madalitso Phiri

Setting up Strapi

Hey explorers in this mission, we'll be setting up our Strapi backend. It's open our terminal in our terminal. We changed directories to the explorers folder. When we check what folders are currently in this folder, we see the front end folder that we created in the previous mission. In this mission, like I said, we're setting up our Strapi back end to do that.

We'll use the yarn, create Strapi command line tool. So in our terminal, we type yarn create Strapi app or name this Strapi app API and click Enter. Strapi has many database options. Should we choose custom manual settings? As our installation type we'll be queried to either choose Postgres SQL Lite Mongo DB, or my SQL databases, we'll go with Quickstart, which builds our admin panel and select SQL Lite database, which has the list setup, click enter on Quickstart.

And that creates the relevant files.

Once our admin panel is built. Strapi runs it on the default port of 1337, which we can access in our browser. So let's go to our browser. Now, our next step is to set up an admin user. We'll give our admin user the first name of Ex and last name of Plorer. We give our Email, the default kai@doe.io. And we'll put a password to secure our user will take this box for updates and click let's get started.

And now we're met with the admin panel on your far lift. You have this Strapi side menu in the center. You have links to documentation and code examples as well as a. Call to action button to create your first content type on your left. You have tutorial, videos and links to documentation and cheat sheets.


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