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Building a Lyric Blog with Nuxt.js and Strapi with Daniel Madalitso Phiri

Mission Introduction

Hey explorers. Welcome to the mission. I'm Daniel. And in today's mission, we'll be building a static blog with nuxt js and Strapi. Let's look at what this looks like. We have a very minimal lyric blog to keep us going on our journey with a title of a song and a description of the song and the artist.

With the date, it was published to our blog. When we click on a blog entry, we have the lyrics, these happen to be in Korean, and we can go back to other entries and have a view at their lyrics. This is exactly what we'll be building today. And let's look at what you need to know to get started. You need a long-term version of Node js, which at the moment is 14.

You'd need the yarn package manager to install dependencies you'd need get for version control. You'd need knowledge of graphql operations, like queries you'd need some JavaScript knowledge as we'll be working with Nuxt js and Strapi, both based on Node JS you'd need knowledge of web development concepts like routing and URL parameters.

As we go out, building out our blog. Let's look at what we'll cover in this mission. This introduction is the first part of the mission. And then we'll get into setting up our Nuxt js project. If you're not familiar with Strapi, don't worry about that. We'll go through setting up Strapi. We'll also look at basic Strapi functionalities, so you can get accustomed to how Strapi as a headless CMS works, We'll go through getting graphic QL, working in strappy.

We'll look at connecting our strappy application to our Nuxt JS application and displaying data from it in the front end. And then we'll deploy our site to Netlify with some bonus content. All right. So now that we understand what this mission will comprise of, let's get started with setting up our Nuxt js project.


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