Jamstack Explorers

Angular in the Jamstack with Tara Z. Manicsic

Wrap up & Resources

You did it, explorer! You know have an Angular Jamstack application. Here are some handy resources to help you on your Jammy journey:


You've done it, Explorer. You have made an Angular Jamstack site and I could not be prouder. I will not leave you empty-handed. I'm going to give you some resources to really help you on your journey to even more Jamstackiness. A few of the things we've covered, I've actually have even more in-depth blog posts that you can find on www.netlify.com/blog, like Authenticating Users with Angular and Netlify Identity and also Creating a Pre-rendered Home Page with Angular and Scully, and even more. Basically, I stepped through a little more in detail, gave a few more resources and the code and the repos are all there. www.jamstack.org is a great place to go to understand more about what the Jamstack is and best practices and also, join us in the Jamstack community. We would love to have you. We talked about Scully, the one and only static site generator for Angular.

You can learn more about it and also, it's open-source so check out their repo, contribute where you can. If you have any feedback, I have to recommend Remotely Interesting, my favoritest podcast that me and my team make, where we talk about Jamstack. Also, this great resource by CSS-Tricks that has all of these service providers that are serverless that you can use with the Jamstack. If you ever wondered, can the Jamstack do forums, can the Jamstack do e-commerce, can you accept payments in the Jamstack, how do you store data in the Jamstack, there are tons of really great resources here that the CSS-Tricks team has put together. I highly recommend checking that out. Last but not least, I would like to direct you to the Jamstack Comf YouTube channel, which has a lot of really great resources. I hope to see you more at Jamstack Explorers. Until then, happy coding.


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